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Learn More About Coffee

Quality Coffee

Does coffee have different levels of quality?

Yes, coffee is categorized into 1 of 5 grade levels. We only roast the best for you to enjoy!

  • 1 is the best grade of coffee called specialty coffee beans (what we roast for you)

    • Has 0-3 defects, distinct attribute in taste, free of cup faults and taints, and zero quakers

  • 2 is the next best grade of coffee called premium grade coffee beans

    • Similar to grade 1, but may contain 3 quakers and 0-8 defects

  • 3 is the middle grade of coffee called exchange grade coffee beans

    • Much broader grade including no faults, but allows 5 quakers maxiumum, and 9-23 defects

  • 4 is a lower grade coffee called standard grade coffee beans

    • These may have 24-86 full defects

  • 5 is the low grade coffee called off grade coffee beans

    • These have more than 86 defects


For more information on coffee quality, grade, and classification, check out

Water and Brewing

Does water play an important role in brewed coffee?

Yes, good water is one of the most important parts of a great cup of coffee.

  • The top rule: use water that you like

  • Filtered water will give you the best and truest flavor of the coffee you are drinking

  • Non-filtered, straight from the tap water will not allow you to enjoy the fullest flavor of your coffee

  • TDS (total dissolved solids) level should be around 150 mg/l 

    • This will allow for better coffee extraction

For more information on water quality please check out:

Cold Brew Coffee

What is cold brew coffee?

  • Cold brew coffee is when you brew coffee by coarse grinding coffee beans and soaking the beans in filtered water

  • Typically you use room temperature to cold water for brewing

  • Soak the ground coffee in filtered water for 12-48 hours depending on your strength preference

  • Though it is not necessary, it is highly recommended to store your coffee in the refrigerator while brewing for your desired amount of time

What to use to brew your cold brew coffee?

  • We currently use a 5 gallon commercial grade system developed by "Cold Brew Avenue".

  • Our owner uses a Bean Envy system at home.

  • At home, many people use a french press.

  • There are many more home brew systems to check out which include:

    • Bean Envy

    • Willow & Everett 

    • Hario

    • Zen

    • Toddy

    • Coffee Gator

    • And Many More

Whole Bean vs. Ground Coffee

Does whole bean coffee really make a better difference in flavor?

Yes, it is definitely worth the try.

  • Grinding the coffee beans before you brew your coffee allows for the fullest flavor and best extraction.

  • Once coffee is ground, oxidation occurs quicker and your coffee is in a time crunch battle to stay fresh.

  • The shelf life of coffee is anywhere from 13-30 days from roast date.

    • If you have a bag of coffee for 3 weeks or more, the coffee is most likely stale and without a fresh taste, inviting fragrance, or beautiful aroma. 

    • Coffee vaults can help, but they will not extend the life of the coffee by much time.

I thought coffee grinders were expensive?

No. Numerous home coffee grinders are a reasonable price.

  • Blade grinders are inexpensive, but will not give you the most accurate grind (but still get the job done)

  • Burr grinders are a little more expensive, but are more accurate than blade grinders.

    • Burr grinders have better customization to provide you with the exact grind size you need for your desired brew method (Example: coarse grind for french press).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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