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Coffee in Beaufot, SC

Owner and Roaster Ashton Converse with his Wonderful Wife

Ashton's first memory of coffee was from long ago when he would smell the beautiful aroma of coffee brewing in the morning. His mom would make a fresh pot of coffee each morning for his grandma. Though only his grandma was a coffee consumer at the time, everyone in the house enjoyed smelling the beautiful aroma of fresh coffee brewing.


Ashton began enjoying the taste of coffee in high school through his church youth group gatherings at local coffee shops in the summer. Throughout high school and college, his enjoyment and education of coffee grew. While attending university, Ashton's desire to open a coffee shop grew more and more each year and eventually turned in to a dream to start a coffee roasting company. 

Ashton's dream of starting a coffee roasting company led him to research and learn about coffee for years. He would study how people roast, brew, and enjoy coffee around the world.  While teaching internationally, Ashton had the opportunity to travel to different countries. During his travels with his friends and his wife, Ashton would try the various coffees and brewing techniques practiced in each country.


After studying coffee and roasting for several years, Ashton had the opportunity to start a coffee roasting company, Beaufort Coffee Roasters. Beaufort Coffee Roasters sold its first bag of coffee in November of 2016 and has been growing since.

Ashton continues to work towards earning his Roaster Pathway Certificate with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA). He hopes to one day open a store front for Beaufort Coffee Roasters and train others in the art, craft, and science of roasting and brewing great coffee.

There are so many people to thank in helping Beaufort Coffee Roasters get started and there are continuously more to thank as new customers purchase and enjoy our delicious 

fresh roasted coffee. Thank you!

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